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Feeding crabs boxes

Crabs are one kind of crustacean growing in water and a delicious food on the table. Though the demand of crabs by people increased gradually every year, the output from natural waters has decreased due to various reasons so that artificial aquaculture has become the main source to meet the needs of customers.

But artificial aquaculture has been faced the problem of low survival rate, vulnerability to natural disasters, occupying more land and other issues.

Crab House solve all above problems well with this new aquaculture equipment and system.

Crab House provide one separate box for each crab to them all in single room in which way they are isolated form each other in order to prevent from killing each other and highly increase survival rate.

The feeding house is moved inside the room with factory aquaculture system, which totally prevents influence from natural disasters like typhoon, rainstorm and predators so that reduce the risk of aquaculture.

Crab House is usually arranged in ten floors that significantly improved raising density, which means the traditional raising quantities of 100 acres of ponds only need one acre now equal to save 99% ponds.

Crab House applies recycling water reuse technology and a series of filtration, sterilization and purification to ensure the condition of water quality and dissolved oxygen. This method makes crab rarely get sick and can change the time to market by adjusting temperature which is similar to the greenhouse.


In August 22, 2013, CCTV channel 7 had one particular recommended TV program in the <Technology Court>.

Here is the video website:

This program also honored the found project of China National SME Technology Innovation in 2013.



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