UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilizer •Application Field (disinfection Needed):Sea/Fresh water aquaculture, Aquariums, Swimming pools and so on.•Product introduction: ZHONGKEHAI’s Sanitizer takes the high-tech means ,

UV Sterilizer

Application Field (disinfection Needed):
Sea/Fresh water aquaculture,  Aquariums, Swimming pools and so on.
Product  introduction:
    ZHONGKEHAI’s Sanitizer  takes the high-tech means , using UV’s special light wave to change virus cell’s structure to kill them rapidly.

        It’s small and delicate with plastic shell and quartz cover inside, suitable for modern aquaculture.

Special advantages:

    A. Plastic shell, providing anti-corrosion function, more cost-effective;

    B. Vertical design to save area and can be moved easily;

    C. High-quality quartz tubes, providing a higher UV transmittance, having better killing effect;

    D. Electronic barretter controlled, effectively extending the lamp life;

    E. Cleaning can be done at any time without removing the quartz tube, the sewage washed down can be drained separately;

    F. The watch window can let you know if it working inside;

    G. Imported Philip’s UV lamp, using lamp life up to 10,000 hours, no need change them frequently.

Lamp Quantity: 3

Casing Tube : Quartz

Input power: 120 watts

Control method: Electronic barretter controlled

Quartz tube cleaning: YES

Watch window: YES


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