All plastic precision filter ZKH-BA520

Process principle:The working principle of precision filter is to use PP filter element 1 ~ 5 μ M pores for mechanical filtration. Trace suspended particles, colloids and microorganisms remaining in t

Process principle:

The working principle of precision filter is to use PP filter element 1 ~ 5 μ M pores for mechanical filtration. Trace suspended particles, colloids and microorganisms remaining in the water are intercepted or adsorbed on the surface and pores of the filter element. With the increase of water making time, the operation resistance of the filter element increases gradually due to the pollution of interceptors. When the water pressure difference between the inlet and outlet reaches 0.1MPa, the filter element should be replaced.

Excellent features:

1. Corrosion resistance, hygiene and health

The all plastic precision filter is made of imported high-quality UPVC material by high-temperature injection molding. The surface is smooth and beautiful without welding seam. There is no refracted light under the light irradiation, which will not cause light pollution and harm the human body; Because of the special material, it can be widely used in acid-base corrosion and oxidizing medium filtration in different industries and fields; It completely solves the problem of corrosion and rust of commonly used stainless steel filters, and more effectively avoids the infiltration pollution caused by the release of metal ions into the water.

2. Advanced design concept

The pressure gauge of all plastic precision filter is installed separately from the exhaust valve, which is easy to operate and will not cause the pressure gauge to shake during exhaust; The integrated UPVC connection movable joint of all plastic precision filter makes the pipe connection more convenient and reliable, and prevents water leakage caused by different tolerances, materials and swelling coefficients between the threads of stainless steel filter and PVC thread; The design of all plastic precision filter adopts thread and port positioning 0-ring (standard part) for sealing, with reliable sealing performance. When replacing the filter element, the disassembly and assembly is simple and fast. The stainless steel filter adopts clamp or flange connection and sealing. Replacing the filter element is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Uneven fastening of screws and aging deformation of rubber pad are easy to cause water leakage; The positioning and pressing of the bottom and top filter elements in the all plastic precision filter adopts an integrated design, and the filter element is easy to install and press without deflection; At the same time, the water distribution adopts the water distribution mode from the bottom to the center to the surrounding, the water distribution is uniform, the filter element will not be deformed due to the impact of water flow, resulting in internal leakage, and it is convenient for air discharge.

Application scope:

Circular aquaculture: industrialized aquaculture, aquaculture seedling raising, ornamental fish, etc. it is mainly used for the final level of physical filtration and fine filtration before UV disinfection.

Water for food industry: drinking purified water, mountain spring water, mineral water, beverages, beer, dairy, etc.

Ultra pure water for electronic industry: monocrystalline silicon semiconductor, integrated circuit block, liquid crystal display, etc.

Water for pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical preparations, large infusion, extraction of natural substances, traditional Chinese medicine drinks, etc.

High quality water supply for buildings: star hotels, villas, airports, living quarters, etc.

Water for industrial product manufacturing: automobile, electroplating, coating, coating, fine processing, cleaning, etc.

Desalination of seawater brackish water: preparation of domestic drinking water in islands, ships and saline alkali areas.

Textile and papermaking water: printing and dyeing water, water jet loom water, papermaking water, etc.

Boiler make-up water: pure water for power generation boiler, soft water for medium and low pressure boiler, etc.

Municipal tap water: development zones, township residential areas, enterprises, highway toll stations, etc.

Circulating cooling water: central air conditioning, smelting and water-cooled air conditioning.

Water purification of swimming pool: indoor swimming pool, outdoor landscape pool, etc.

Sewage treatment: industrial sewage, reclaimed water reuse, domestic sewage, automobile cleaning, etc

Technical parameters:

Quantity of filter element: 5 pieces

Filter element specification: 20 inches

Filtration accuracy: 1 μ m / 5 μ m


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